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The student after this one year training program should perform, operate and identifies different IOT enabled system/application in agricultural field such as Precision Farming, Livestock Monitoring, Agricultural Drones etc. for farmers to maximize yields using minimal resources such as water, fertilizer and seeds. Selects various types of sensors as per requirement for Smart Agriculture. Positions appropriate sensors and collects necessary data like various types of soil properties including compaction, structure, pH and nutrient levels etc., soil temperature at various depths, rainfall etc. at predetermined intervals. Identifies and selects different wireless communication modules and topology such as Zigbee, Bluetooth, GSM module, WiFi, Ethernet, M2M Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) etc. Uses signals from GPS, Geographical information system (GIS) for more detailed analysis of fields. Identifies and install the appropriate devices such as Location Sensors, GPS & GPS integrated circuits, Wearable sensors to cattle for livestock monitoring by collecting data regarding the location, wellbeing and health of cattle. Installs the devices used in green house such as Carbon dioxide, Oxygen, Air temperature sensors etc. Apply various Precision Agriculture tools like Soil Mapping, Yield Mapping, Remote Sensing, Variable Rate Technology, Integrated Pest & Weed Management, Water Management etc. for precision irrigation. Applies knowledge of Solar Panel Basics Testing, Characteristics, Charge Controller Circuit etc. Selects plant health monitoring system and measures leaf health, lighting brightness, chlorophyll amount, ripeness level, Leaf Area Index (LAI) etc. for crop mapping, disease/pest location alerts, solar radiation predictions and right amount of fertilizing etc. Installs and troubleshoots the components of drones/UAV equipped with appropriate cameras, sensors (Optical Sensors etc.) and integrating modules (Raspberry Pi 3 B module) for crop monitoring & spraying, soil & field analysis, plant counting and yield prediction, plant height measurement, canopy cover mapping and so on. 

IoT Technician (Smart Agriculture) Trade under CTS is one of the newly designed courses. CTS courses are delivered nationwide through network of ITIs. The course is of one year (02 semester) duration. It mainly consists of Domain area and Core area. In the Domain area (Trade Theory & Practical) impart professional skills and knowledge, while Core area (Employability Skills) impart requisite core skill, knowledge and life skills. After passing out the training program, the trainee is awarded National Trade Certificate (NTC) by NCVT which is recognized worldwide. During the one-year duration of IoT Technician (Smart Agriculture) ITI trade a candidate is trained on professional skill, professional knowledge and Employability skill. In addition to this a candidate is entrusted to undertake project work and extracurricular activities to build up confidence. The broad components covered related to the trade are categorized in two semester of six months duration each. 


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